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  1. Items listed are consigned with Consignment Classics Home Furnishings by the Consignor.

  2. Consignor is the owner or is otherwise legally entitled to sell these items.

  3. Consignor to receive 50% of the consigned selling price less reduced price by consignor or scheduled markdowns.

  4. At the discretion of Consignment Classics Home Furnishings, consigned items may be reduced under the following schedule:

    up to 20% of the original price after 30 days. up to 50% of the original price after 60 days.

  5. This contract will expire in 90 days. Items will remain for sale until the contract expires. Consignor may pick up unsold items any time prior to the expiration of this contract. Items will remain for sale until you pick them up. To claim any unsold items, Consignor must do so by the 90th day of this contract. Consignor is responsible for locating unsold items. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings will remove unclaimed items upon expiration of the contract without notice and without liability.

  6. Payment for items sold will be mailed to the Consignor by the 15th of the month following the month of sale. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings is not responsible for delayed or misdirected mail due to an incorrect address or non-notification of an address change.

  7. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings may terminate this contract at any time and require the Consignor to pick up unsold items within seven (7) days of the request.

  8. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings will not be liable for damage or theft of consigned items while in transit or while on the premises. Fire and theft insurance is the responsibility of the Consignor.

  9. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings has complete discretion in placing Consignor’s items at the store location which will give maximum resale value.

  10. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings will release consigned items only to the Consignor with a valid driver’s license or verified written consent by the Consignor.

  11. Consignment Classics Home Furnishings will not contact the Consignor regarding the ongoing selling status of items or the termination date of the contract.

Consignments are accepted daily between 11am-4pm

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